Dear members

This is an unprecedented time and we hope you are all keeping healthy.

The Australian and NT Governments are encouraging us to be vigilant and careful in our lives at the moment. This is all very new to us as a Bushwalking Club and we are not experts by any means in this. We are learning along the way as no doubt you all are.

To support you and those walking alongside you, we’d suggest you follow the advice by clicking here from the Australian Department of Health on protecting yourself from coronavirus. This information is kept up to date and accurate by health professionals.

To assist in avoiding the spread of Coronavirus, we ask that members who want to attend a bushwalk

  1. Do not have any symptoms of infection; eg. coughing, fever, sneezing, sore throat
  2. Have not been in contact with anyone infected
  3. Undertake heightened personal hygiene; eg. hand washing.
  4. Are not in self-isolating period (for example, you have not returned from international or interstate travel within the last 14 days).

We are cognisant of the fact that for many of our walks, long distances in a car may be required to commence the walk. Individual walkers should make a decision about how they feel comfortable to travel, whether individually or with others. We ask members to take personal responsibility for not risking the spread of the virus, and respecting the decisions of walk leaders.

If you are uneasy about the arrangements for a DBC walk, please do not join the walk.

Our Club AGM will be held as planned on May 19, as the meeting will not exceed 100. Venue details will be announced soon. More information: click here