Walk Safe Policy

The Darwin Bushwalking Club promotes safe walking to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all members. DBC organises many multi-day walks in remote areas, often where there is no access to phones or assistance. Walkers need to be well prepared before starting a walk (right level of fitness, appropriate equipment, etc) so that problems can be avoided. In the event of an incident, they must be prepared to effectively support the leader or group in dealing with a situation.

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Social Media Policy

“Social media” in this policy refers to a variety of online communities like blogs, social networks, chat rooms and forums. This policy covers usage of those communities by persons representing the Darwin Bushwalking Club (DBC).

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Transport Cost Sharing Policy

Club policy is that vehicle owner/drivers are reimbursed 35c/km/vehicle for 2WD vehicles, and 40c/km/vehicle when 4WD vehicles need to be used.

The overall transport cost for the trip is calculated and then shared between all participants – and is designed to cover fuel, vehicle repair and maintenance.

Abnormal transport expenses such as broken windscreens, flat tyres, etc are the responsibility of the vehicle owner.

Guidelines for Use of Emergency Personal Locator Beacons (PLBs) and Emergency Evacuation

The Club encourages walkers in remote areas to carry one of the Club’s PLBs for emergency use (and a copy of these guidelines).

Download the full guidelines here


This handbook contains information for participants in Darwin Bushwalking Club activities, who are expected to by familiar with the material. The Club regards the Handbook as an introduction to some of the basics of enjoyable bushwalking, and in no way suggests that it is the ultimate guide. It strongly recommends anyone interested in bushwalking fully educate themselves about the risks involved.

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This handbook contains information primarily for active and potential leaders of Darwin Bushwalking Club activities – and is a useful extension of the DBC’s Handbook for Walkers.
DBC leaders are expected to be familiar with the material. However, it is not an ultimate guide and it is strongly recommended that all bushwalkers fully inform themselves about the risks involved, and learn as much as possible about how those risks can be minimised and managed.

Download the full handbook here


The following are available to walk leaders –

  • 2PLBs (Personal Locator Beacons) identified by HEX numbers. They are 3EF6BF20BF81FE0, registered until 24/09/17, battery expires December 2022 and 3EEE888B26FFBFF, registered until 30/08/18, battery expires Dec 2023. Also take a copy of the Guidelines for PLBs and Emergency Evacuation

A selection of topographic maps is available at:

1 to 100,000 scale and 1 to 250,000 scale

…and at 1 to 50,000 scale, listed by –

map number, map name or map area.

For all club equipment, contact Mara Dobrini, 0438 842 138.