Rick Bishop lead a group of 5 – Joyce, Jo, Louise, Rebecca and Cheryl – for a 4 night camp to Kubara, Kakadu in January.  We walked out on the 26 January public holiday.  And it was hot start!  41C in Jabiru.  The traditional owners of Kakadu National Park are the Bininj in the north and Mungguy in the south.

The first day walking covered savanna woodlands, sandstone country and monsoonal rainforest. The lunch stop included a refreshing swim in the creek and we had the first (of many) rainfalls which cooled our sweaty, hot bodies.

We stayed near the creek as our camp base for 4 days and spent each day, following Rick and Joyce to explore the region, taking one morning off, to different parts of the approved route each day.  The exploring did not disappoint, discovering new swim spots, flora, side creeks, green ant forests and leichhardt grasshoppers.

Mertens water monitor shared the camp base water hole with us.  There was plenty of water and rain! The mid/late afternoon storms rolled in each day with thunder, lightning and rain.

The nights were mostly wet and it was a competition of what was loudest: frogs or roaring flow of the creek.  It ended up a cool and wet walking trip which was great this time of year.  It was also a privilege to have experienced walkers like Joyce and Rick show the group the region.  Can’t wait for the next trip!