Hi everyone I just wanted to say thank you to Darwin Bushwalking Club group leader Ken and fellow walkers that joined the overnight walk (or day walk) to Tjaynera (Sandy Creek) Falls – 17 October 2020.


What a wonderful experience and friendly group of people.

Andy was fashionably late, for the group’s Noonamah date. So we hooked it to the Reynolds Track, to find a bone-dry river crossing, corrugated rattling against trusty Packs. Our two lost ‘soles’ Glenn and Zoe, saw shoe blow-outs, endless tape and cable ties abound. The climb to the falls, was taken at our own pace, Ken, checking we were well, and watered, leading with care and thoughtfulness.

We camped within the upper Tjaynera Falls ravine, Sophia scoring the central cathedral stone for her tent, surrounded by her own moat like a princess in hiking gear, her own castle. Nastassja, Dara and I found space along the escarpment, whilst Ken, Andy and Anja scattered under shady bushes. Marsha was the lucky one who found the only sandy spot available, whilst Betty was set high under the canopy of Eucalyptus.


The highlight for those that chose to continue on a 5km walk, saw the group return via dry bag float through a downpour, an adventure worth adding to memories. Day walkers Andrew and Claudia, sped through the river and scrambled rocks like mountain goats. Marsha and Dara unfortunately learnt, you need to triple-check the dry bag for holes before entering the water. The evening was spent swimming in the upper pool, dinner with a sunset view, turning the atmosphere serene and cool.

When the Milky Way descended Betty told urban legends, the Poinciana Woman made the list, while we listened to old stories of adventures past. The morning was spent at leisure, with a swim at the bottom of the falls.

A quick drive to Blyth Homestead, then a beverage, and a pledge to return for more

trip report submitted by member Mez Korbetis

we love when our walkers submit trip reports please send photos & text separately to walks@darwinbushwalkingclub.org.au.