February 2021

There is so much to love about season walks:

Overcast skies

Green, so much luscious green and wildflowers

Waterholes filled to the brim

Flowing waterfalls, estuaries and streams

The Darwin Bushwalking Club hosted an overnight hike, off-track starting from the Florence Falls link track, through to the centre of the Table Top area in Litchfield.

The spearheads was extremely tall and either green or turning to seed. The track was muddy in places and the group walked with covers over our backpacks in case of rain, but we fortunate that there was only a slight drizzle on the hike out. We camped alongside a cycad forest, and day hiked to a hidden seasonal waterfall that looked like a flowing staircase.

Whilst we saw printed from foraging animals, we were also fortunate not to run into them, and suspect they have us a wide berth. On our way back to the Florence Link Track, we stopped at one of the Table Top waterfalls, which was heaving due to the high rainfall received this year.

The wet season walk was perfectly overcast and enjoyable.